Treatments To Kill Bed Bugs

There are many treatments on the market that claim to kill bed bugs. Some are sprays, powders, or bombs. Many times, these noxious chemicals can force you to have to leave your home or suffer side effects from powerful agents. However, there is only one complete bed bugs system that truly rids you of these creatures safely and effectively.

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The Tallman Scientific Bed Bugs Complete Control Kit is specially designed with a USDA- and EPA-approved spray, dusting powder, mattress and box spring encasings, and more. The entire system has been proven effective against bed bugs, eggs, larvae, and even fecal decomposition left behind from these bugs. Bed bugs simply can't survive after coming into contact with our products, although humans and pets are completely immune to the effects of them.

The Best Amongst Treatments to Kill Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are parasites that love to feed on human and animal blood. That's why they're so aptly named; they like to live close to where you sleep so they can "eat" all night. In many cases as well, bed bugs do not simply confine themselves to a mattress or box spring. Chances are, if you have bed bugs in your mattress, you also have them in nearby furniture, baseboards, or even on articles of clothing.

This is why our experts at Tallman Scientific highly recommend our Bed Bug Complete Control Kit to kill your entire bed bug infestation. From start to finish, this product will walk you through the various ways in which you can identify your bed bugs and kill them right where they live. No other treatments are more effective or longer lasting. For more information on our bed bugs treatments, contact us at