Eliminating Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nocturnal feeders, which is why you typically wake up with bites from these pests. They love to feast on blood during the night, and will typically hide out in cracks and crevices during the daylight hours. They are attracted by body heat and carbon dioxide (what we breathe out of our mouths), so humans and pets are at particular risk for bed bug attacks.

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At Tallman Scientific, we've perfected the process of eliminating bed bugs from homes and commercial properties. No matter how large or small your infestation area is, we have a kit designed to tackle your problem with ease. Further, we take a multi-step approach that eradicates all traces of bed bugs, including their unhatched eggs, to give you the ultimate result for your investment.

Eliminating Bed Bugs for Your Health
Eliminating bed bugs eggs is particularly important. This is because even after hatching, bed bugs can hide out for up to 18 months without feeding. This means that if you don't get rid of the eggs, you can see a re-infestation up to a year and a half after you think you've gotten rid of your bed bug problem!

Not only is this highly annoying, but repeated bites can cause many people and pets to have allergic reactions to the saliva left behind by these creatures. For those with particularly sensitive immune systems, this can even cause serious health and psychological risks. Contact us at info@tallmanscientific.com for more information on our products and bed bug eliminating kits.