Bed Bug Repellents

Bed bugs are resilient insects that have a keen knack for reappearing, even after so-called professional repellents have been used. This is because the female bed bugs lay up to 500 eggs during their life spans, and can live up to two years in some cases! In many cases, even after you kill all the living bed bugs, more can hatch the very next day.

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At Tallman Scientific, we offer you not only professional grade repellents to kill bed bugs and their eggs, but we also guide you through the process of killing the eggs they leave behind. We will show you how to identify the cracks and crevices in which beds bugs like to hide. We will also give you specific instructions on how to clean linens, clothing, furniture, and structural components (such as baseboards) thoroughly to eliminate these pests.

Solutions and Bed Bug Repellents
Our Bed Bug Complete Control Kit was designed with the goal of ridding you of not only the physical presence of bed bugs, but to also treat the psychological effects of a bed bug infestation. Other repellents simply attempt to kill the bugs, but we believe that your mind should be put at ease as well. You shouldn't have to feel nervous or anxious about sleeping in your own bed at night.

Nor should you have to get rid of furniture that you own. Some exterminators will give up and tell you to throw out all your bedding and furniture and start over. However, we know that this is not a reasonable (or effective) solution. Trust our kit at Tallman Scientific for a real answer to your bed bug problem. Contact us at for more information.