Killing Bed Bugs

The process of killing bed bugs has to take into account the habits and life cycles of these insects. For example, bed bugs like to hide in beds to feed on blood overnight; that's how they get their uncomfortably appropriate names. However, what you may not know is that bed bugs are not confined to living in mattresses and box springs.

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Bed bugs will naturally hide during the daylight hours. Their favorite spots usually include cracks and crevices in areas where you can't easily find them. This could be inside the posts of bed rails, headboards, footboards, or bed platforms. It could also be in your other furniture, including the underside of your dresser drawers or behind art hanging on your walls.

The Only Effective Method for Killing Bed Bugs
Bed bugs have to eat to survive, though, so focusing on your bedding area is vital to the process of killing of bed bugs. At Tallman Scientific, we offer a Bed Beg Complete Control Kit for home and commercial use. The most effective part of our kit is the mattress component.

We will provide you with both a mattress encasing as well as a box spring encasing that will serve to suffocate bed bugs and prevent them from eating. To ensure that the killing process is successful, we also provide you with our Contact Killer Spray as well as our Diatom Dust XR to eradicate bed bugs, larvae, and eggs. To order a Bed Bug Complete Control Kit, you can shop online or contact us at with any questions, concerns, or feedback about our products.