Bed Bug Spray Treatments

Before the use of the insecticide DDT was banned in the United States, bed bug problems were typically treated with a spray-based compound that primarily included this chemical. They were highly effective, but considered dangerous over time. Today, DDT is illegal for use in bed beg spray treatments, but most of the spray treatments on the market for bed bug infestations are still quite noxious.

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At Tallman Scientific, we pride ourselves on offering a spray that outperforms any other treatments in the industry. Best of all, though, our Bed Bug Contact Killer spray is proven completely safe to use around humans and pets. In addition, it is also extremely effective against bed bugs in all areas of your home or business.

The Effectiveness of Our Bed Bug Spray Treatments
Using only EPA- and USDA-approved ingredients, our Contact Killer spray is an oil-based (not water-based) product made with pyrethrin. This means that our spray product will leave behind no residue and can dry in less than 20 minutes from the point of initial application. It is highly effective against small to large infestations in residential and commercial settings.

Further, our bed bug spray is head and shoulders above other treatments because it can be used in a variety of areas. These include mattresses, baseboards, furniture, and many other places where these critters like to hide. This product can be purchased separately or as a part of our Bed Bug Complete Control Kit. For more information, contact us at