Kill Bed Bugs In Mattress

Bed bugs love to live in warm environments in which there are sources of blood nearby, such as human bodies. Since they are parasitic creatures, they must feast on blood in order to survive. This is why a bed mattress is most often where you will find bed bugs, whether in a home, hospital, or hotel.

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These creatures are very small, averaging about six mm in length. This can make them very hard to find and even tougher to kill. At Tallman Scientific, we've devoted our business to helping people and businesses kill bed bugs for good. Our handy Bed Bugs Control Kit makes getting rid of bed bugs in a mattress a simple task.

Learn How to Kill Bed Bugs in a Mattress
After preparing the area according to our Bed Bugs Control Kit process, you will then focus your attention on your mattress, since most bed bugs will be likely found here. First, you will need to examine all the folds, seams, and tufts in your mattress and box spring for evidence of bed bugs. These creatures are usually identifiable by red-brown spots that can be seen with the naked eye or a small magnifying glass.

Second, you will spray our Bed Bug Contact Killer in all of these areas to kill any active specimens. You will need to wait just 20 minutes while it dries. Third, you will use our Duralast Box Spring Encasings and the Premium Mattress Encasings to cover the entire bed. Right before you close the encasings with the built-in zipper, you will need to spray our Diatom Dust XR powder in the lining. This system is proven to work time and again, and we're positive that it can work for you. Please contact us at with questions.