Bed Bug Solutions

There are many bed bug solutions on the market, but only one that truly delivers results. Tallman Scientific's Bed Bug Complete Control Kit was designed after our founder, H. Tallman, experienced a year-long bout with bed bugs in New York City. After thousands of dollars spent in exterminators, toxic pesticides, and other so-called solutions, we designed this proven kit to outperform other options on the market.

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The result is a comprehensive, seven-piece kit that puts real solutions in your hands. Now, in one day, you can achieve relief from the painful marks left behind after a night of bed bug biting. This kit will also prevent future infestations by not allowing bed bugs to take root in your mattress. The protective mattress encasing can protect your bed and ensure a good night's sleep.

Long Lasting Bed Bug Solutions
Our kit is designed with a multi-step approach to bed bug extermination. It involves cleaning, vacuuming, spraying, and dusting the affected areas to fully eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. It is extremely easy to do and everything you need is included in your order. You can also buy products separately if you wish--it's up to you.

Because of this multi-step approach, we know that our solutions are long-lasting. They had to be, because we know from experience that bed bugs can survive up to 18 months without feedings. Our kit is designed for indefinite use to outlast even the most resilient bed bug. For questions or comments, please feel free contact us at