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When applying the Diatom Dust, is it necessary to wear a mask?

It is not necessary, but it is recommended.  If you apply the dust with our hand duster, you can apply it in one of two ways.  You can apply little pressure to the dust chamber and the dust will gently fall out of the duster or you can squeeze the chamber forcibly and the dust will plume out of the duster.  We typically recommend applying gentle pressure and thus the dust will not get airborne.   If the dust does get airborne it can cause dusty lung if you breathe it in without a mask.

Are your products safe for pets and children?

The products in our Complete Control System are specifically chosen and tested for home use around children and pets.  The Diatom Dust XR, the residual insecticide in our system, is 100% organic and is harmless to pets and humans.  Your cat could even eat the product and be fine.  Our Contact Killer was chosen because of the low toxicity of the chemical involved and because it is chemically inert after it has dried.  If you were to take any precaution for use around your pets, we would suggest keeping them out out of the treated room while the Contact Killer is still wet.  If properly applied (with a light misting) the Contact Killer dries in about 15-20 minutes.

Is your system safe for use during pregnancy for the mother and for the baby?  What are the chemicals used?

The only product in our Complete Control System that contains a chemical is our Bed Bug Contact Killer.  The active chemical in that product is called pyrethrins.  It is not known to be harmful to humans, pregnant or other, if properly handled.  If for whatever reason the idea of a chemical makes you uncomfortable, the Complete Control System can be used without the Contact Killer and sill be effective.  Leaving this item from the system may require a couple more weeks of treatment however.


How many rooms does your Complete Control System cover?

The Complete Control System is designed for an average-sized bed room with enough Diatom Dust XR and Barrier Tape to apply to uninfested and inhabited rooms for prevention. Any additional infested bed rooms being treated will require additional mattress and box spring encasings as well as Contact Killer spray.

How do I use your products to treat my home?

Our Complete Control System comes with a step-by-step treatment guide. Also, a treatment guide for residential treatment can be found here.

How do I use your Hand Duster?

To fill the hand duster, first remove the black rubber stopper from the top of the duster .  Next, fill the chamber with the Diatom Dust XR.  You can do this by dumping it directly out of the bag into the chamber, with a spoon or with a funnel.  Once there is dust in the chamber, securely replace the black rubber stopper.  To use the hand duster simply press down on the black stopper which causes the chamber to contract and dust to be blown out of the end of the duster. A light squeeze of the chamber causes the dust to trickle out of the nozzle while a heavy squeeze can cause the dust to billow and become airborne. For optimum results never fill the chamber more than 2/3 the way full. Also at the opposite end of the nozzle there is a ram rod that can be screwed out and pushed down the nozzle break up any clumps that may possibly form.

Do you recommend getting rid of your mattress & box spring as well as getting rid of carpeting in the room?

We don't recommend getting rid off your mattress, box spring or carpeting.  Its a myth that bed bugs infest only the the bed.  They will infest anywhere near their feed source.  Throwing out a bed and replacing it with a new one will result in the new bed being infested as well.  We recommend completely eradicating your infestation first, and then replacing your bed if you so chose.  With regards to the carpet, bed bugs don't typically infest carpets.  They infest in dark cracks and crevices away from foot traffic.  They also prefer natural materials, so you shouldn't be overly concerned with your carpet.

Do I treat my carpet wit your products?

We recommend treating your baseboard and under and and around your bed with the Diatom Dust XR, but other than that you don't need to treat the carpet with our products. The treatment for the carpet entails regular vacuuming, as outlined in our treatment guide.

Do I treat only the rooms where we sleep, or do I treat my entire house?

We recommend treating any rooms where there are known infestations. We define rooms with known infestations as rooms where you have either received bites or have seen a bed bug in.


For more information beyond the FAQs below, visit our Bed Bug Prevention Page

I travel a lot, what can use to prevent bed bugs from infesting our home?

Luggage is the number 1 migration point for bed bugs infesting your home. We sell a luggage spray which will help prevent the pick up of bed bugs.  The spray gets applied to your luggage before you travel, and it acts as a deterrent for bed bugs infesting your luggage.

I live in an apartment building that is infested with bed bugs. How can I avoid getting them in my apartment?

In apartment buildings that are infested, the bed bugs can move from apartment to apartment through the walls.  The typical route they take is through the baseboards of an apartment. You will want to treat along all baseboard at perimeter walls of your apartment with our residual Diatom Dust XR. If the organic visible dust doesn't work for your situation, then you could also treat with our Bed Bug Residual Killer, which can be found under our Commercial Solutions products. Along with the residual insecticide you can seal all of the baseboards in your apartment with a silicone caulk. You can also seal light fixtures, switch plates and around pluming lines. Lastly, I would also recommend taking precautions when bringing any new items into your home.  Things to think about could be a UPS package that was sitting in a lobby with the doorman, or bringing groceries into the home and putting them on the floor in the hallway before you bring them in.  Also, if their is laundry in your building, I would recommend washing all of your clothes on hot (120 degrees - check the temperature), or otherwise launder your clothes elsewhere.  If a neighbor launders infested clothing/bedding in water that is not sufficiently hot, you can pick up an infestation that way.

What are the ingredients in your products?

Bed Bug Contact Killer Pyrethrin
Diatom Dust XR Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth
Bed Bug Luggage Spray Permethrin
Bed Bug Residual Killer Deltamethrin


How much can each product in your Complete Control System Cover?

Please see below chart. Each product in the System is listed next to its coverage. As per our treatment guide the coverage includes 1 initial treatment and 3 followup treatments

COVERAGE (avg-sized room)
Contact Killer Spray
Diatom Dust XR
2 - 3
Professional-Grade Hand Duster
Bed Bug Mattress Encasing
Bed Bug Box Spring Encasing
Bed Bug Barrier Tape

I have 5 occupied bedrooms and 3 of them are infested. Can you please advise what products and what quantities I need? Do I need 3 Complete Control Systems?

Below you will find another chart listing the number of rooms infested and the required amount of products to treat those rooms.

Rooms Infested

Along with the above treatment recommendations, any other occupied rooms that are not showing signs of infestation needs to be treated with our Diatom Dust XR, Bed Bug Barrier Tape and it is recommenced to also use our Mattress and Box Spring Encasings as well. Please reference the other chart in this section for further coverage information.


What are the dimensions of your mattress encasings?

All encasings come in both 9 and 12 inch depths except for the crib encasing which is 6 inches deep:

Crib Size: 30" x 52"
Twin Size:  39" x 75
Long Twin Size:  39" x 80"
Full Size: 54" x 75"
Queen Size: 60" x 80"
King Size: 78" x 80"
California King Size: 73" x 84"

What are the dimensions of your box spring encasings?

All encasings come in a 9 inch depth except for the crib encasing which is 6 inches deep:

Crib Size: 28" x 52"
Twin Size:  39" x 75
Long Twin Size:  39" x 80"
California Long Twin: 37" x 84"
Full Size: 54" x 75"
Queen Size: 60" x 80"
King Size: 78" x 80"
California King Size: 73" x 84"

Bed Bugs
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I am receiving bites that could be bed bugs, but I'm not sure. I haven't seen any of the bugs, so how can I tell for sure?

About 50% of our customers were unable to find a bed bug but were able to determine with some degree of certainty that they had an infestation. So don't be worried if you can't find a bug- they are hard to find, particularly in smaller infestations. You can still determine if you have bed bugs by using other identifying factors as described on our Bed Bug Info page.

I found a bug that looks like it could be a bed bug, but I don't know. How can I tell for sure?

Compare the bugs to pictures found on our site. You can find some on our Bed Bug Info pages. If you still can't tell, you can either determine if you have an infestation by using other factors as described on our Bed Bug Info page, or you can try contacting the entomology department at your local university.


What can I do to treat the itch?

Treat the itch as you would a mosquito bite. You can try calamine lotion, Benadryl, or one of the numerous other products available at your local drug store.

I have had these bites for a few weeks now and they still itch like crazy, is this normal?

Everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites. In fact, some people don't react at all. Our estimate is between 5 and 10% of people don't react, which means they can be getting bitten without be aware of it. On average, the itch is about twice a much as a mosquito bite and last much longer- anywhere from several days to several months (in rare cases).


How do I get rid of my bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be challenging to get rid of if not treated properly.  We recommend using our Complete Control System to properly eradicate your infestation.  Please take a look at our Home Solutions page as well as our Treatment Guide to learn the methodology and treatment steps behind our system.

How do I treat bed bugs in my couch?

Firstly, do not sleep their any longer or avoid being their between the hours of 4am and 6am. It is nearly impossible to isolate yourself from feeding bed bugs on a couch. To treat the couch, first thoroughly vacuum all cracks and crevices, then lightly spray with our Contact Killer Spray, and lastly use the Hand Duster to dust the Diatom Dust XR in all the cracks and crevices, underneath the couch, and around the couch legs.


For more information beyond the FAQs below, visit our Bed Bug Prevention Page

Any advice for when you are traveling and staying at motels that could have bed bugs that you are not aware of and then bring them home with you. What can you to do protect from that?

There a several things you can do.  You can inspect the room particularly the mattress for any signs of bed bugs.  You can also be weary of where you put your clothes and luggage.  If you keep your clothes in your luggage instead of moving them to drawers / hangers, you can lower your risk of picking up bed bugs.  Also, you should keep your bag completely zippered and far from the bed.  We also sell a luggage spray which will help prevent the pick up of bed bugs as well.  The spray gets applied to your luggage before you travel, and it acts as a deterrent for bed bugs infesting your luggage.

My sister has bed bugs and her kids come to my house on the weekends, how can I prevent them from coming to my home?

Bed bugs typically travel on luggage and furniture, not humans. So I would recommend being wary of any foreign items you bring into the home such as diaper bags or toys. Bed bugs will travel on clothes that are being worn in rare circumstances. As a precaution, you can have them change into fresh (sealed) clothes when they enter your home.

I terrified of getting bed bugs, what can I do to prevent them?

Be weary of laundromats and wash and folds where your clothes could easily be infested by others. People who have bed bugs typically take their infested items to laundromats to decontaminate them. Also, be weary while traveling (see above).

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Is my order processed over a secure connection?

Yes.  All orders are securely processed by our third party provider, PayPal.  PayPal, an eBay company, offers the latest in encryption technology and verifies all sellers to ensure your order is secure.  You may choose to order using either your credit card or signing into your PayPal account.  Please note that you are NOT required to have nor sign up for a PayPal account to order. Payments can also be made through Google Checkout, which is also a secure payment provider.

Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and PayPal.  Please note that the four digit code for American Express is on the front of the card.

Can I pay by check or Money Order?

Yes, you can. Instructions on how to do so can be found here on our Order Page here.

I have tried to complete an online order but I get an error: "15005 transaction cannot be processed." What can I do?

The transaction was declined by the issuing bank, not our payment processor. This error most often occurs if the wrong security code is entered or with a missing or incorrect billing address (the address your credit/debit card's statement is sent to). Please double check this information. If this is not the issue, please use another card or contact your bank.

Order Status

When can I expect my Tallman Scientific order to arrive?

Order placed before 2pm EST are shipped the same day.   Please note we only ship on business days. Packages will arrive based on the shipping you method select. To calculate business days in transit for UPS Ground, please visit our delivery map here.

What is the status of my order?

Orders ship on business days and will ship the same day if ordered by 2pm EST. Immediately after you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation email. If you did not receive this email, it is possible your email address was incorrectly entered on your order. If this is the case you will not receive an order confirmation email or a UPS Ship Notification email containing your tracking information. If you suspect this is the case and you would like to updated, please go to our Contact Us page, provide us with your order number and request your order be updated with a proper email. It is also possible this email ended up in your spam folder. If you received your order confirmation email, but not your UPS Ship Notification, please check your spam folder and then send us message from our Contact Us page stating this. Also please be aware that if you order was placed after 2pm EST on a Friday or before a holiday, you will not receive your UPS Ship Notification email until the end of next business day.


Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, but only certain products. Currently we cannot ship any of our insecticides which include our Contact Killer, Diatom Dust XR, Residual Killer, and Luggage Spray. We can however ship our Mattress & Box Spring Encasings as well as our Professional Grade Hand Duster and Bed Bug Barrier Tape. All brokerage, duties, and taxes are the sole responsibility of importer. UPS Standard shipping option does not include brokerage. For brokerage fees please see UPS brokerage chart here.

How quickly can I get my products?

You can receive your order as quickly as the next day. Orders placed before 2pm EST are shipped the same day.   Please note we only ship on business days only. Packages will arrive based on the shipping you method select: UPS Ground, 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air. To calculate business days in transit for UPS Ground, please visit our delivery map here.

How do your products ship?

Our products ship via UPS in a plain box. Bed bugs or pest control are not referenced on the shipping label. We offer UPS Ground, 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air, and Next Day Air services. You can select your shipping method during the checkout process after you enter your shipping information. We pass on the price from UPS and varies based on the weight and shipping method.


How do I return my products?

Unused and unopened products can be returned within 30 days of receipt. Simply send us a message via our Contact Us page including your order number and reason for return. We will then email you a return authorization for eligible returns. If you do not use email you can also call us, but email is suggested for fastest service.

The details of our return policy are explained in our Company Policies.


I returned my products, when and how will I be refunded?

All refunds will be processed in the manner they were charged. Refunds are processed once the items have been received and the process will take up to 30 business days. If it has been longer than 30 business days and you still have not received a refund, please send a message via our Contact Us page with your order number and any tracking information you have for the return so we can trace your return process.

The details of our refund policy are explained in our Company Policies.


What does your guarantee cover?

Our 365 Money Back Guarantee covers our Complete Bed Bug Control System only. We guarantee the success of your treatment or will refund you up to $200. The details of our guarantee is explained in our Company Policies.

Our Store


Do you have a physical store where I can purchase your products?

No. While we do have offices in New York City, we do not have a retail location where customers can purchase our products. We sell our products exclusively through our website.

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"When we discovered we had bed bugs we were frantic. We had an exterminator come to the house twice and were not satisfied with the results. We found your website and read about your products and decided to give it a try. We applied the product as per directions and were thrilled with the results."

Maggie D. - Hazlet, NJ

"'s a miracle... they are gone and I am a very happy camper. I am very happy. I would recommend this to anyone who asked...although I hope none of my friends get bed bugs...BUT MINE ARE GONE!!!"

Myra C.

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