Bed Bug Control

In order to control a bed bug infestation, you have to know how to seek out and kill all the bed bugs, their eggs, and any larvae that have hatched in your home or business. Typically, bed bugs like to hide in warm places near people, which is why beds are such common places for them to be found. However, at Tallman Scientific, we know all the locations preferred by bed bugs and can help you rid yourself of these little creatures for good.

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Our Bed Bug Complete Control Kit is an overall combination therapy approach to extermination. This Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system attacks bed bugs with seven different components to eradicate your problem at its source. These control kit components include the Bed Bug Contact Killer, Diatom Dust XR, Professional Hand Duster, Premium Mattress Encasing, Duralast Boxspring Encasing, and Bed Bug Barrier Tape.

Buying Bed Bug Control Kits and Products
While these products can also be purchased separately, we highly recommend buying the whole kit to ensure total success. What's more, we encourage you to follow the kit instructions to the letter to thoroughly treat an infestation. The process begins with area preparation, which requires that you remove all clutter and clean all linens (and often, clothing) in very hot water.

From there, you will treat your bed with the pre-fitted mattress and box spring encasings and the Diatom Dust XR product. While harmless to humans and pets, this dust will dehydrate bed bugs until they die. The mattress encasings should be left on for at least four weeks providing an excellent sealed chamber in which the bed bugs will be killed. Contact us to learn more about ordering.