Treat Bed Bugs

When you spend money to treat bed bugs, you want to make sure that they're gone for good. There is little sense in spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on treatments that don't work. Bed bugs present a particularly difficult infestation to treat, though, because they can lay several eggs a day and multiply very quickly. They are also very small (two mm to six mm) and can often only be seen using a magnifying glass unless they are fully engorged. But by that time, they've clearly been eating so well that you likely already knew you had a problem!

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At the first sign of a bed bug problem, contact Tallman Scientific. We are the first resource of private homeowners, business owners, and professional bed bug exterminators alike. Further, we have the only environmentally and people-friendly pest control kit designed to eliminate and expertly treat bed bug infestations.

Why We Treat Bed Bugs
Our founder, H. Tallman, experienced a major bed bug problem in a New York City apartment a few years back. Despite the use of various chemicals, professionals, and products, the problem persisted for over a year. The only solution was to create a more effective product than anything previously on the market: the Bed Bug Complete Control Kit.

This kit is created to thoroughly rid you of the physical and psychological effects of bed bugs. It will treat your bedroom or your entire home. All you have to do is tell us the size of the affected area and we can make a kit to match your needs. For more information, contact us at