Bed Bug Killers

The most effective bed bug killers are complete systems that attack not only live adult bed bugs, but also their eggs and larvae. Bed bugs have been known to live up to two years and females can lay up to 500 eggs apiece during that time. It is easy to see, then, how bed bug infestations can quickly get out of control in homes and businesses.

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At Tallman Scientific, we offer our Bed Bug Complete Control Kits as safe and effective killers of these parasitic bugs. While noxious chemicals are becoming less desirable, our kit offers a non-toxic alternative at a great price. With the kit, you will receive a seven-step system that is sure to rid you of your problem when used properly and thoroughly.

Bed Bug Killers in the Complete Control Kit
The agents in this bed bug killers kit come in a variety of products, including our Contact Killer Spray and our Diatom Dust XR. We also offer premium mattress and box spring encasings that will kill bed bugs that are living in your actual bed. The other products and tools in the kit, combined with a multi-purpose vacuum, work together to eradicate bed bugs in furniture, clothing, linens, and structural places like baseboards.

In the end, you'll be left with a bed bug-free environment without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic bug killers. Further, the products can be kept for second treatments or future use. To learn more about our Complete Control Kit or to place an order, contact us at