Bed Bug Eradication

In order to achieve successful eradication of bed bugs from your home, you must know how to locate and kill them successfully. At Tallman Scientific, our Bed Bug Complete Control Kit allows you to easily and quickly eliminate bed bugs and their eggs to prevent re-infestation. The first step is preparing the area with a thorough cleaning.

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In this step, you must clean and vacuum out any place that has cracks or crevices. This could be along baseboards, in and under dresser drawers, in mattress tufts and folds, and under furniture cushions. You have to remember that bed bugs are tiny (2 mm to 6 mm in size) and flat, so they can fit into the most inconspicuous places.

Bed Bug Eradication in Your Bed
From there, our kit will guide you through the eradication process using safe and effective pesticides on your bed. We provide you with a spray, powder, duster, and mattress encasings that will kill bed bugs over time. You can leave these encasings on indefinitely without compromising your comfort or your bed and box spring.

You will need to inspect the encasings for tears or holes occasionally to prevent bug re-infestation. These products are all safe for use around humans and pets, so you can continue the treatment as long as needed. For questions or comments on our bed bug eradication system, contact us at