Bed Bug Spray

There are two main types of a bed bug spray- those with residual and those without. Both serve a specific purpose and both will be explained in detail. Also, there is a subset of a residual spray that is important to know about, and that is a bed bug spray with a high deterrent effect.

Contact Kill Bed Bug Spray

A contact kill bed bug spray is a liquid spray that does not contain a residual. This means that it will kill on contact and while the spray is wet, but after it is dry the product is chemically inert. This is perfect for those health conscious individuals who want the power of a chemical spray, but without any residual chemical hanging around in their environment. This product is great for killing bed bugs on contact. You can spray on contact and kill a bed bug that you can see with you naked eye, and you can spray and kill a bed bug that you can't see. The one's you can't see are generally a baby, or nymph, or possibly bed bug eggs. Some contact killers will not kill eggs, in particular the common "all-natural" or organic spray will not. Ours will kill bed bugs eggs. Also, our has a special feature called a "flusher" incorporated with the spray. It is designed to irritate any bed bugs within the vicinity of the spray and cause them to migrate into the wet areas of the spray. The contact killer spray is therefore effective if sprayed anywhere near a bed bug as well.

Residual Kill Bed Bug Spray

Residual kill contact sprays are the most common used bed bug spray by pest control operators. If used properly it can be a very effective product, however often times they are over-used which can cause a resistance to build up in bed bugs. Our residual kill spray contains the active ingredient Deltamethrin, proven to be one of the most effective residuals for bed bugs. The residual in our spray also lasts up to 16 weeks adds to its efficacy.

High Deterrent Residual Bed Bug Spray

Another type of residual is a residual that has a high deterrent factory. We carry one such product that is designed for luggage. You spray the exterior of the luggage before your travel and it will leave a lasting residual on the exterior of the bag during the trip. This residual has a very high deterrent effect however, which means bed bugs don't like it and won't go anywhere near it. This is crucial for you as a traveler because luggage is the most common way to bring bed bugs back into your home.

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"When we discovered we had bed bugs we were frantic. We had an exterminator come to the house twice and were not satisfied with the results. We found your website and read about your products and decided to give it a try. We applied the product as per directions and were thrilled with the results."

Maggie D. - Hazlet, NJ

"'s a miracle... they are gone and I am a very happy camper. I am very happy. I would recommend this to anyone who asked...although I hope none of my friends get bed bugs...BUT MINE ARE GONE!!!"

Myra C.

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