Bed Bug Behavior

In order to understand how to most effectively treat and prevent bed bugs one must understand typical bed bug behavior.

1) Bed bugs attempt to feed if there is a feed source

One fact that you may have heard is bed bugs can live up to 18 months without feeding. While this is true, this is only if they are hibernating. An active bed bug will only live for 4 to 10 months. Also, if there is an accesible feed source for a bed bug, they will attempt to feed- they will not lay dormant. Even if they cannot reach their feedsource due to the use of proper barrier products, they will not stop attempting to feed.

2) Bed bugs infest near their feed source

Bed bugs are lazy creatures and don't like having to travel too far for their feed source. Anything more than a few feet from the bed or feed source drastically reduces the likihood of harbouring a bed bug. You may find some bed bugs not close to a bed or feed source, but realize they are not infesting where you found them. They are in the process of migrating to a feed souce when you found them. This impacts your treament efforts in 2 ways.

The first is you don't really need to concentrate your efforts outside of the immediete feed source area. This is because any bugs outside of the area will be inside of the area as soon as they migrate there.

The second is do not remove the original feed source. If you do so, bed bugs will begin scatter in as little as a day to look for a new feed source and the problem will no longer be contained to 1 room. The main reason someone leaves the point of infestation is to avoid getting bitten. Althouh logical, this creates a bigger problem. Know that if you are treating properly within our treatment methodologies of isolating, decontaming, and residual kill (as described in our home treatment guide) you will not be getting bitten after your first treatment. You will be isolated from bed bugs attemptting to feed and they will not be able to. During their feed attempts they will come into contact with the residual insecticide and die shortly theirafter.


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